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Customer Enjoying Traditional Meals - West Breeze
11 Jul

Your perfect choice for Nairobi Travels

When you think Nairobi, you probably wonder how people work around the traffic, it being one of the main challenges faced in Central Business Districts all over the world. Well, we’ll have you know that not every area is affected all the time. You only need to be on the better side of the road at the right time! Now, while a number of Nairobi City Hotels are stuck right in the middle of it all, West Breeze Hotel is strategically placed on the edge of Nairobi’s Upper Hill and this allows you a magnificent view at a safe distance, of part, of the Nairobi Town.

Our Proximity

West Breeze Hotel is merely 7.5 miles from The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and the route gets you off the major highway in just a couple of minutes. You can also easily access the Wilson Airport,that’s only 16 minutes away from our location. So are we centrally placed with easy access to the two major airports? The answer is Yes!

Budget Friendly prices

Our rooms are not only comfortable. They are budget friendly as well and attract both Business Travelers and families. We are especially a favourite to couples, following our recent reviews. We suspect it’s due to our personalized and friendly service. Business travelers particularly enjoy the services of our safe deposit box, the availability of local daily newspapers, free WiFi and free bottled water. Upper Hill being at the heart of most business locations makes your movement quite minimal and West Breeze Hotel certainly your most preferred locale for business meetings.

There is something about small hotels that makes it feel a lot like home. West Breeze hotel is just that: your home away from home. We take care of most of your concerns and make your stay a remarkable one. Come and experience it first for yourself.

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