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How to Choose the Best Hotel Rooms in Nairobi
3 Dec

How to Choose Affordable Accommodation in Nairobi

Factors you should consider when choosing a Hotel

 One of the most essential things to consider when planning a trip is accommodation. The feeling of having a successfully booked accommodation is as good as having that urge to be there already! Now, lets not get ahead of ourselves yet. The actual planning for your accommodation is so vital it may affect your trip altogether. Whether its for business or pleasure, whether alone or with your family there are several factors you will need to consider before you call a hotel or press the ‘Book Now’ button.


There should be easy access to your key destinations to and from the hotel you intend to stay in. Availability of public transport and / or Taxi services will make your stay less worrying and more peaceful. Consider the option of getting picked up from the airport by the hotel so you only have to worry about the destinations leading away and back to the hotel.


Saving time is one reason why proximity matters. Convenience is another, and the ability to enjoy short trips to say, a shopping mall, or a business premise is priceless. You don’t need to get yourself stuck in a road trip to access medical services either or even head back to the airport. So choose a hotel that is situated close to amenities and the business center. West Breeze Hotel’s locale in Upper Hill, is a perfect spot that is on your way to both the JKIA and Wilson Airport, tourist attraction sites, the Central Business District, hospitals etc.

Value for your Money

Everyone loves a good deal, right? Affordable accommodation in that case makes a lot of sense. Look out for hotels that provide lucrative offers and attractive/ special packages for its visitors. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get the best service that’s worth your money. Your trip’s gratification should not outdo your choice of accommodation so do not compromise on the quality of service you expect.


Hotel Amenities/ Niceties

Make sure your choice of hotel takes care of your needs. For instance, if you are staying for business, you will need reliable Wi-Fi and Internet facilities. You will also need a barbershop if you like a clean shave before a meeting. If you are around for leisure, you could do with professional guide services or trips offered by the hotel. A massage parlor should be available if you want to get completely relaxed.


Technology has created a voice platform for customers to give honest opinions of their experiences at hotels. Bloggers and travel enthusiasts also publish reviews on hotels they visit. You can trust that their testimonials have complete transparency. Reviews offer detailed opinions on services that can only be qualified through experience, say for instance the restaurant services, the buffet, or the sound system at the conference hall. Well, in the end, the choice is yours. The good news is you are now well equipped to make that decision.


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  1. Holiday Homes Nairobi

    Hey its an interesting post! Yeah its important to look for accommodation before visiting your destination. if you are not comfortable with the place you are going to stay how can you expect your vacation trip in your style. So better check out the options you have and chose the best holiday home according to your need comfort and budget!

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