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5 Things to Carry When Visiting Kenya on Holiday
13 Nov

Traveling to Kenya for safari? What’s in your bag?

Now that your travel has been confirmed, your next task is getting ready for the trip. You may want to jot down a checklist if you feel you might leave something out in the process. There is no feeling as horrid as wondering whether you carried your toothbrush when you clearly remember placing it back in your bathroom holder. Take a look at some of the vitals to carry before you take that flight.

Clothes and shoes

Unless you are sure of the current weather in Nairobi, try to balance your carry-on of light and heavy clothes. A few light garments and a back up for those chilly hours should do. You need to be comfortable in not-so-tight clothes, with fabric choices that can handle the dust, dirt and can be cleaned easy. Linen is a good choice, compared to khakis, as the latter may be a tad bit too rough on the skin.

Unless you really want to charm a sporty look, or you are specifically on a hiking mission, just be comfortable with your shoes. Only, have something with a sole thick enough to protect your feet from any possible spikes from thorns or sharp stones.

Phones, cameras and other electronic appliances

Just in case you are wondering, your phone will work perfectly in Kenya. If you worry about charging ports, carry USB chargers or/ and a power bank. This should carry you through a day on a safari and away from your hotel’s sockets. Carry a camera, big enough to give you great shots, yet small enough not to attract unwarranted attention.

Keep binoculars, a flashlight or headlight and a no-battery compass at your side if you’re in for some true adventure.

 Your Health

Does your medical card cover you in Kenya? If it does, well thank God you didn’t forget it!  You must have heard of the obligatory yellow fever vaccine too. While you get that out if the way, also ensure you check with your travel clinic for other shots like Hepatitis, Meningitis, malaria etc. It’s better to be sure especially if you intend to go to the bush.

Pen-ultimately, Mosquitoes, like dust, can be a lot of nuisance in the bush. So, if you can, be sure to carry a plug-in electric insecticide or take some prophylactics as part of precautions against mosquitoes. A shawl to cover up in the evenings when they come out to bite is a thought to consider as well.

Ensure you pack some sunscreen, a straw hat and high protection sunglasses to manage the dust and sunlight. Remember the equator rests in Kenya.

 Karibu Kenya

And finally, since we always leave something out to chase up just before we close to suitcase, pick up your swimming gear. Most getaways in Kenya have a pool and you sure don’t want to miss the chance for a dip, do you? You should be ready now. Karibu Kenya


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