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5 National Parks and Reserves Close to Nairobi
12 Nov

Five Places to Tour in Nairobi

There is no reason to make a corporate visit to Nairobi all about meetings and conferences; not when there are a number of attractive sites within the city that you can visit and clear your mind as you contemplate your next business strategy. The beauty of the proximity of West Breeze Hotel in Upper Hill, Nairobi is, among others, its easy access to the central business district, local amenities and tourist sites/ reserves within the city. Its location strategically places you en-route to your destination without a hustle or bustle. You can pick almost any attraction site in Nairobi and West Breeze hotel is right on its way! Lets take a look at what you can anticipate on your next visit to Nairobi.

The Nairobi National Park

Less than 10 mins drive from West Breeze hotel, you may get lucky and spot a lion, a cheetah or a gazelle running off wild in the Nairobi National Park. This being the first National park in the county, it also serves as a rhino sanctuary, protecting well over 50 of these critically endangered creatures. The Nairobi National Park claims the fame of being the site of the ivory burning that occurred in 1989. Former President Moi ignited about 12 tons of elephant tasks and rhino horns declaring war against poaching and consequently boosting Kenya’s image on conservation. Try to experience the Nairobi Safari Walk as well as the Hippo Pools while you’re there.

Bomas Of Kenya

Barely less than 5Km away from West Breeze, Bomas of Kenya is literary a living museum that hosts the celebration of the various cultures in Kenya.  Get a chance to learn about Tribes, Lifestyle, music, art, craft and cultural practices of the Kenyan people. You won’t miss a performance of traditional dances ever so often.

The Railway Museum

 Kenya boasts of various intriguing collections, at the Railway Museum, like ships and train models, pictures from the initial construction of the Uganda Railway line, railway magazines, a map and drawings etc.Among them, you also cannot miss the silver service set used on overnight trains to Mombasa. One other display that stands out is the carriage used during the ‘Hunt for the man- eater of Kima’ in 1990, Captain Charles Rvall. The story of Captain Rvall made headlines when he ended up eaten by the very lion he had set out to kill.

The National Museum

If you have an eye for History and the origin of Kenya, then The National Museum would be the ideal place to visit. Armed with numerous displays of the Kenyan national heritage, The National Museum prides itself in hosting the diverse Kenyan and Cultural and natural history exhibits the state holds

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